Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lake Amistad - Record Setting Bass Tournament!

Everyone is talking about the Bassmasters Classic at Toho this year, but maybe we should be looking at the first tournament stop of the Elite Series..... Lake Amistad on the Mexican/Texas boarder near Del Rio, TX

Bass Champs just held a one day tournament where the winner had 5 bass for 39.66 lbs, those are the kind of numbers over 4 days that could break Dean Roja's record. 30th Place had 5 fish for 20.48 lbs and did not cash a check. That is just plain unbelievable!
On a positive not, I just recently booked airline tickets to spend 4 days on Amistad in early March, during the Basssmasters Elite Series Tournament. I plan to post observation of the tournament as well my quest for lunker bass.

Rich Lindgren

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