Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Top 10 Fishing Shows

Here is a list of my favorite Fishing Shows on TV:

1. Classic Patterns - When it comes to patterns & techniques, I probably get more from this show then all others combined.
2. Bassmasters - Great coverage of the sport's best anglers.
3. FLW Outdoors - They have really taken tournament coverage to a new level
4. BassCenter - good coverage of the sport, a little ESPN bias....
5. Schooled by Denny Brauer - great concept, fairly well done, too bad they canned it
6. Scott Martin Challenge - I like the format! Its like Beat Charlie Moore, but not annoying!!
7. Bass Champs - High Definition goes a long ways in my book
8. Angler on Tour - Great insight to what its like to be a tour angler
9. Ultimate Match Fishing - Great format! What's better than watching Brauer vs. Clunn in the same boat head-to-head, wonder if they will have another season.
10. Hank Parker Outdoor - Hank keeps it real, you see the small fish & the big fish, kind of a long-time favorite of mine.

As I created my list, I realized there are a lot of good shows out there. I think I may do my least favorites next... Did I leave your favorite of the list? So what do you think? Agree to disagree? What's your top 10 look like and why?

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