Thursday, March 09, 2006

Elite Series Kicks off on Amistad

Early this morning, the Bassmaster Elite Series has officially kicked off on Lake Amistad in Del Rio, TX. My plane departs this evening at 7:30pm and I will be on the water with the Pros tomorrow thru Sunday. Everything points to a very exciting tournament, lots of fish and lots of big fish. My parents are wintering on Lake Amistad, I always thoughts snowbirds were silly. Now that my parents are on on the premier bass fisheries in the US, I am becoming much more accepting of the whole concept. As it turns out, there are several pros staying in the same RV park as I will be staying and Randy Howell's giant Purolator rig is just a few spots away from my parents and Aaron Marten is there as well.

There is a lot of talk records being broken, but that was before the 30+mph winds that came in today for launch. It will be interesting how that will effect today's weights. I think it will affect many anglers, but a few of them will still crack some big bags. That just means there will be less people chasing Rojas after the first day.

I recently talked to a friend who had just talk to former, Classic Champion, Bob Hamilton and he has been on some good fish. He has had 25lbs bags in prefishing everyday by lunchtime and caught an 8 & 10 lb bass on Monday's practice.

In the coming days, I hope to Blog on tournament happenings as well as my personal catches. I hope to garner inside info from Pros that I see on the water as well as lodging in the same park. I plan to take digital photos of both my fish and the tournament and post them in the Blog entries as well. Check back in the evenings for updates throughout the weekend.

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