Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lake Amistad kicks out another Giant

Lake Amistad kicks out another Giant and my dad, a.k.a. Wayne Lindgren caught it, 13.18lbs.
Initial Picture on Water (top) and At scales (bottom)

Wayne (Left) along with trusty rod, senko and net man!

It was caught around 2pm March 28th on Lake Amistad in a cove that he caught a 9.8lb bass the week before. The fill fell for a wacky-rigged Senko type bait (Watermelon) The initial weight in the boat was 13.7lbs. There was a bit of regurgitation in the livewell and it was certified at 13.18lbs. Length=26.5" x Girth=20.75"

You can check it out on the Budweiser ShareLunker Website

More Interesting Stats:
#329 out of 412 ShareLunker in Size
14th Largest this season
5th ever from Amistad

Boy am I jealous,
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