Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Look what I caught!

Well not exactly.... But the guy in the picture did not catch it either!

25.1lbs smashes the previous record of 22.25 held for so many years by Bob Crupi. This is an exciting turn of events, but because of the World Record or the myriad of odd circumstances that may jeopardize the catch's chance of being accepted by the IGFA (International Game Fish Association, the most-recognized keeper of angling records). See the full article on ESPN.

Why does it seem that every time a potential world record is caught, that is must be muddled in controversy? This one was foul hooked, weighed on a hand held scale, and released live. I am sure this will get plenty of attention in the coming days & weeks. One way or the other, that is one monster of a bass being held in that picture. Could you even imagine?
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I do not think the question should be whether or not the world record will fall someday, the question is will it fall in a clear, no doubt, manner that will satisfy everyone?
What are your thoughts on this latest catch?
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