Thursday, April 13, 2006

Couldn't get enough

So after coming up empty handed on Tuesday, I felt compelled to head back on Wednesday afternoon since it was so beautiful out. This time it was not so crowded near the frontage road of Lake Marion. I gave my silver Inline Spinner another try and managed to catch a little 3.5" largemouth bass, not very glorious, but the first of the year none the less. I worked my way over to the culvert that goes under I35. No more takers on the Inline Spinner, but I could see tons of small sunfish hovering in the current.

I switched to my miniature clown colored Husky Jerk, the sunfish were very intrigued by it as it darted and suspended in the water. Several took a stab at it, but could not get a hook. I watched a guy get a decent crappie on a piece of crawler hung below a float. I worked my way back to the car with the Husky Jerk and caught another dinky bass that was a whopping 5 inches. Maybe later this week I will get to double digits ;) None the less, it was good to be out in the warm sun and making a few casts. I think I will take tonight off and actually try digging my boat out so it is ready for fishing.

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