Monday, April 24, 2006

River Bassin'

My first official & "legal" MN bass outing was this past Sunday - April 23rd. My buddy John & I took his boat down to Red Wing, MN and launched it on Pool 4 of the Mississippi River, Colvill Park. Water temps ranged from 54-58F, a little warmer in one cut where there seemed to be some warm water discharge. We started on some main river rip rap bank, no real luck. I worked that with a craw colored Bandit 200 until I lost it to the rocks. Turns out that was the only lure I ended up losing. That is pretty good in the river.

We hit the next cut with rock and flooded wood. I had one smallmouth follow and flash at my Husky Jerk. Then I caught one, 13" largie, on a 3/8 Chart White Secret Weapon Spinnerbait with tandem gold Indiana blades. Fished the rest of the cut with little luck. Saw a few white bass bustin' every now and then.

John & I headed to some WI backwaters and worked some more wooded banks. I caught a really nice white bass on the spinnerbait right away. About halfway back into the cut John banged a nice 2lb largemouth on a Lil' Critter Finesse Jig tipped with a Smallie Beaver. About 2 casts later I got a 12" bucket on a texas rigged Gambler B.B. Cricket . That was the end of our success, fished a couple more hours with out a tap. I need to find some new areas.....

Still better than work,
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