Wednesday, April 12, 2006

First Fishing Outing

I could not take it anymore. I packed my ultra-lite spinning rod in the car in the morning before work. On the way home, I swung by Lake Marion in Lakeville to make a few casts from shore. The place I intended to fish (frontage road near I35) already had a handful of people fishing it, so I just kept on driving. I stopped on the west side of the lake where the walking path provides easy access.

I saw plenty of small bluegills wandering the shallows over there, but they seemed pretty skiddish and unactive. I spent about 30 minutes poking around with the only lure I had. I tied on a silver Inline Spinner , that definitely was not the ticket. No bites, nibbles or nothing. Then again, I had low expectations, it was more just to say I went fishing, it was good just to wet a line.

If I get off of work at a decent time today I may try again. This time I brought a tiny clown colored Husky Jerk .

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