Friday, April 14, 2006

Venom Lures throws their hat into the Chatterbait Ring

Looks like Rad Lures' competition gets stiffer day by day. Venom Lures now has a new chatterbait style lure called the Venom Rattle Shake. Its got a much cooler name, if that counts for anything. If I order some of these, maybe I will get them before MN Bass Opener...... Then again who knows.
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It seems pretty similar to the Rad Lures Chatterbait and the Gambler Swim Blade. I have no idea which is better, or if there is any difference between any of them. If they all work, its all good, because there is such a demand for them, they are almost impossible to get. I read in my latest Bass Times that Steve Kennedy largely depended on a Green Pumpkin Chatterbait style bait on his Top 10 finish on Lake Amistad. I would welcome any info anyone has on any of these baits and the successes or non-success that they have had.

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Anonymous said...

The Chatterbait is a patented product backed by some deep pockets. Gambler and Venom are in for a train wreck.